Bahrain Fieldwork 2019

A very successful field season was completed on Muharraq Island in Bahrain in November, with direct relevance for the BM project. What appears to be undisturbed Umayyad occupation was recorded in-situ at one site, and further evidence for African connections found in the form of African origin/inspired ceramics, including roulette decorated and Tana Tradition/Triangular Incised Wares from East Africa. Several sherds of black burnished wares were also recovered, possibly also of African (Ethiopian?) provenance. This material is the focus of PhD research by Awet T. Araya looking at African-Gulf connections in the Islamic period through ceramics analysis.

– Tim

1. Probable Umayyad storage (Torpedo) jar fragments in-situ

2. Example of TT/TIW sherd from Muharraq

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