New Paper and PhD Thesis from the ‘Becoming Muslim’ Project

Two new results have come out of the research in eastern Ethiopia. Nick Tait has successfully defended his PhD thesis, “Archaeological ceramics as chronological markers on Islamic sites in Eastern Ethiopia” (University of Exeter, 2020), and a paper has just been published examining the faunal remains and their implications for Islamic conversion at Harlaa, Harar, and Ganda Harla. The full details of the paper are –¬†Gaastra, J., and Insoll, T. 2020. Animal Economies and Islamic Conversion in Eastern Ethiopia: Zooarchaeological Analyses from Harlaa, Harar and Ganda Harla. Journal of African Archaeology 18: 1-28.

– Tim

Examples of cattle foot bones indicating the animals had been used for traction purposes at Harlaa, perhaps for ploughing or rotating a stationary grinding apparatus (photo. J. Gastra)

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