“Antiquity” Medieval Ethiopia Special Section

A special section on Medieval Ethiopia that I have guest edited has been accepted for publication by “Antiquity”, and will appear, likely, in early 2021. This provides a comprehensive review of recent research completed on the post-Aksumite period in various parts of Ethiopia and gives excellent comparative context to the BM research, and Harlaa in particular. The papers it will include are:

Timothy Insoll – “The Archaeology of Complexity and Cosmopolitanism in Medieval Ethiopia. An Introduction”

Marie-Laure Derat, Claire Bosc-Tiessé, Antoine Garric, Romain Mensan, François-Xavier Fauvelle, Yves Gleize, and Anne-Lise Goujon. “The Rock-Cut Churches of Lalibela and the Cave Church of Washa Mika’el: Troglodytism and the Christianization of the Ethiopian Highlands”

Timothy Insoll, Nadia Khalaf, Rachel MacLean, Hannah Parsons-Morgan, Nicholas Tait, Jane Gaastra, Alemseged Beldados, Alexander J.E. Pryor, and Laura Evis – “Material Cosmopolitanism: The Entrepot of Harlaa as Islamic Gateway to Eastern Ethiopia”

Julien Loiseau, Simon Dorso, Yves Gleize, David Ollivier, Deresse Ayenachew, Hiluf Berhe, 

Amélie Chekroun, and Bertrand Hirsch – “Bilet and the wider world. New insights into the archaeology of Islam in Tigray (Ethiopia)”

– Tim

Map of the locations discussed in the Medieval Ethiopia Section (prepared by N. Khalaf)

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