New Article on the local ceramics from Harlaa just published in “African Archaeological Review”

Nick Tait, former ‘Becoming Muslim’ project PhD student and I have just published a paper on the analysis of the locally made ceramics from Harlaa. The article explores the value of these ceramics as chronological markers, and for understanding regional and long-distance contacts, cultural innovations, processes of Islamization, and foodways. The details and link where it can be found are –

Tait, N., and Insoll, T. 2021 Local Ceramics from the Islamic Trade Centre of Harlaa, Eastern Ethiopia: Markers of Chronology and Contacts. African Archaeological Review.

– Tim

Examples of local ceramics from Harlaa. A) large red/brown earthenware/plainware storage vessel with flat in-turned rim (HAR17-B-6-27); B) light brown burnished carinated bowl with simple rim (HAR17-B-18-8); C) black/brown burnished simple rim with roughened line decoration (HAR17-B-14-2); D) earthenware/plainware stand base (HAR15-A-2-6); E) black/brown burnished bowl with simple rim and grooved decoration(HAR17-B-5-8) F) black/brown burnished out-turned flat lipped rim with roughened line decoration(HAR17-B-8-6) (photographs by N. Tait).

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