Harlaa Site Museum Finished

Thanks to the hard work of Mr Temesgen Leta from the Ethiopian Heritage Conservation Authority, and a team comprising Mr Dejene Dandema, Mr Endris Hussien, and Mr Abraham Yaregal, the Harlaa site museum is now a reality. The Community in Ganda Biyo (Harlaa) donated a building, and this has been internally plastered and decorated, artifacts collected by the community placed in showcases, and trilingual (Afaan Oromo, Amharic, and English) interpretive panels mounted on the wall. Printed booklets for sale to tourists were also sent from the UK with the interpretive panels. If you are passing Harlaa, please visit!

– Tim

School group at the Harlaa museum (photo. T. Leta)
Visitors reading the panels (photo. T. Leta)
Discussion of the objects in the museum (photo. T. Leta)

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